How to Change the Background in FL Studio

Everyone loves customization. Luckily for us, FL Studio comes with some cool customization options that you can use for a unique beat making and music production experience. Whether it’s something motivational, an interesting pattern or texture, or your favorite Instagram model you’re after, we have you covered. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to find your FL Studio background size and how to change the background in FL Studio.

FL Studio Background Size

In order for your background to look good without plastering copies of the same image all over your work space, you’ll need to find a correctly-sized photo. Luckily, there are thousands of photos we can choose from online, and Google Images makes it easy to search for exact dimension we’re looking for. The correct background size for FL Studio actually depends on your screen resolution.

Finding Screen Resolution

For Windows 10 machines:

  1. Go to the Desktop
  2. Right-click on your Desktop background
  3. Click Display Settings
  4. Scroll down to Resolution

For Mac OS machines:

  1. Open the Terminal app
  2. Run this command: system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType
  3. Scroll down to Resolution

Your current screen resolution will be shown in the box or command return. If you’re using a dual monitor arrangement, you’ll need to double the 1st number.

For instance, for my dual 1080p monitor arrangement, the resolution is 1920×1080 for one monitor. If I want the changed background in FL Studio to span both screens, I’ll need a photo with resolution of 3840×1080.

finding fl studio background size windows

Finding background resolution in Windows.

Specialized Google Images Search

Now that we know what resolution to search for, we need to find one in Google Images using their advanced search function:

  1. Go to Google Images
  2. Search for what you want + your screen resolution (ex: “synthwave wallpaper 3840×1080”)
  3. Click Setting in the search results page
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Further narrow your search

google background search for fl studio

Save your New Background Image

Make sure you save the fully expanded version of the new background. Just keep clicking until it’s been expanded 100%.

Then right-click and select “Save image as…” You’ll be asked to select a location to save the file. The default directory for FL Studio backgrounds in Windows machines is something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 20\Artwork\Wallpapers

Copy it into the file path bar up top and Save to this directory so it’ll be easy to find in FL Studio.

Change the the Background in FL Studio

Now comes the easy part. All we need to do is find the background setting in FL Studio.

  1. Open FL Studio
  2. In the top left toolbar, go to View
  3. Go down to Background → Set image wallpaper…
  4. Find your new FL Studio background image in the folder
  5. Hit Open

Alright, you’re all done. But if you noticed, there are some other FL studio background options we can use to change and customize even further. Let’s take a look.

Setting FL Studio Background as HTML

A really cool feature here is to set the background in FL Studio to a website like Now you can read our tutorials without ever leaving FL Studio. Excellent.

  1. Open FL Studio
  2. In the top left toolbar, go to View
  3. Go down to Background → Set dynamic wallpaper/HTML document
  4. Open Browser.html
  5. Type a website URL into the URL bar in FL Studio’s background
synaptic sound in fl studio

A glitch in the Matrix.

This can be really helpful when viewing reference materials like musical scales and even video tutorials. If you can view it in your current internet browser, you can change it to your background in FL Studio.

Anyway, that’s it. Hope you learned something and enjoyed the read. Catch you next time.

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