How to Copy and Paste in FL Studio

Shortcuts make everyone’s lives easier, and FL Studio is one DAW that is absolutely full of them. Knowing and applying shortcuts can save you hours of time and allows you to focus on the creative part of music production as opposed to the repetitive and tedious parts. Arguably two of the most important of all of the FL Studio keyboard shortcuts are Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V).

This tutorial will show you exactly how to copy and paste in FL Studio, along with some other useful related shortcuts and the specific situations and areas of the program where you can apply them to save you time and energy.

Copy and Paste in the FL Studio Playlist

The first area we’ll talk about is in the Playlist. This is where you lay out all of the components and layers of your song. To get there, just click the View playlist button in your toolbar, or the shortcut key F5.

playlist button

Once the FL Studio Playlist is open, you’ll need to select the things you’d like to copy and paste. To select items in the Playlist, you can press Ctrl+A to Select all or hold down Ctrl and click and drag to form a box around what you want to copy and paste.

fl studio playlist select all and box select

Select and Select all (Ctrl+A) in the FL Studio Playlist.

Once you have selected what you want to copy and paste, just hit Ctrl+C to copy the selection to your clipboard. Then, hit Ctrl+V to paste a copy at the beginning of the Playlist. The new copy will be highlighted red, meaning it is selected. Now, just click and drag the copy to wherever you want in the Playlist

copy and paste in fl studio playlist

Copy and Paste in FL Studio Faster – Use Duplicate (Ctrl+B)

An even faster way to copy and paste in FL Studio is by using the Duplicate tool. Just like before, first select what you want to copy and paste. Then, rather than Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, just hit Ctrl+B to copy and paste your selection all in one step. Easy!

Copy and Paste in the Piano Roll

The next area we’ll talk about is in the FL Studio Piano roll. This is where you lay out all of your MIDI data for different channels in the Channel rack. To get there, just click the View piano roll button in your toolbar, or the shortcut key F7.

toolbar view piano roll

Alternatively, you can access a specific channel’s Piano roll by navigating to the Channel rack, and clicking the Piano roll preview in the channel you want to copy and paste in.

access fl studio piano roll in channel rack

Find the right Pattern by scrolling the mouse wheel, and then click the Piano roll preview.

Next, use the same method as above. You can Select all (Ctrl+A) or create a window to select MIDI data you want to copy and paste.

Then, either Copy Ctrl+C and Paste Ctrl+V or just Duplicate the selection with Ctrl+B. You can then just click and drag the copied/duplicated data to where you need it in the Playlist.

duplicate data in the fl studio piano roll

Copy and Paste States

The last copy and paste function we’ll talk about involves manipulating automation clips and envelopes in plugins like Sytrus. With this knowledge, we can copy and paste envelope shapes between different envelopes and automation clips.

First, we need to access the automation clip/envelope settings or options. In Sytrus and other plugins, look for an arrow or wrench near the envelope state you want to copy. In the menu, there should be Copy state and Paste state options.

sytrus copy state paste state

Copy the envelope state, navigate to another target envelope, and paste the state there. Now, both envelopes are identical.

We can access the same type of controls for automation clips too. Either find the automation clip in the Playlist and access it’s Channel settings, or just click it’s corresponding channel in the Channel rack.

automation clip channel settings

Next up, in the automation clip Channel settings, click the wrench and then click Copy state. Now, the automation clip state is saved on your clipboard.

copy automation clip state

Finally, access the automation clip channel settings you want to copy the state to. In the same menu, click Paste state. Now, both automation clips are identical.

automation clips copy state paste state

Not sure there why you’d want to do this specifically, but hey… it works.

OK, by now you should be an FL Studio Copy-and-Paste Certified Professional. Time to kick ### and take names faster than ever before.

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