How to Update FL Studio

One great thing about FL Studio is that it comes with a lifetime supply of free updates. Image-Line, the company that created FL Studio, periodically releases newer and more advanced versions, and having the latest and greatest is something we all strive for. In this tutorial, we’ll go over a walkthrough on how to update FL Studio. Let’s get started.

Note: This will not work with a pirated version of the software! Please support the Image-Line team and purchase the software if you haven’t already.

Your FL Studio Version Number

You can see the version number you are downloading on the downloads page. You can also see what version you are currently running in the debugging log in FL Studio, along with the version that the current project was created under.

  1. Go to Options at the top left of the FL Studio user interface
  2. Click Debugging log
  3. Scroll down to the bottom

fl studio debugging log

You can use this information to make sure you’re always running the most recent version. Now, let’s actually do an update.

Step 1: Go to the Image-Line Downloads Page

Just follow this link: Your page should look like the screenshot below. You can see the version number displayed below the download button.

image-line downloads page

Step 2: Choose your Operating System

Just click which OS your computer runs on. For this example, we’ll be using a Windows PC. Your browser should begin to download the installer.

download fl studio update

Step 3: Run the .exe Installer File

Make sure to close FL Studio before running the installer. Then, find the FL Studio update file in your downloads folder and open it. Now, the FL Studio Setup guide will open.

fl studio setup guide

Step 4: Choose Components

Next, we need to choose what we want to update. I’m not a big fan of desktop icons, so that gets unchecked for me personally. Depending on your system architecture, you should choose either 32-bit or 64-bit for the FL plugin option. It’s also a good idea to migrate your search paths from the previous version, under Settings. Just hit the Next button when you’re all done.

choose components

Step 5: Choose Install Locations

Choose the file path where you first installed FL Studio. Hit Next.

choose fl studio install location

Step 6: Unlock the FL Studio Update

First, we need to finish running the installer. Then, we need to enter our Image-Line account credentials into the About section in the new version of FL Studio.

  1. Open FL Studio
  2. At the top left toolbar click Help → About
  3. Enter your credentials in the box
  4. Click Unlock with account

enter fl studio update credentials

If you’re using an offline computer, you will need to unlock the updated version with a regkey file. You can download the regkey file from your Image-Line account, accessed through an online computer.

  1. Log into your Image-Line account
  2. Go to Unlock Products
  3. Expand the Alternative Unlock for FL Studio window
  4. Click the link to get your regkey file
  5. Transfer the regkey file to your offline computer
  6. Go to the FL Studio About menu
  7. Click unlock with file
  8. Choose the FL Studio regkey file

Alright, we’re all done here! That was easy, right? Just repeat this same process each and every time there is an update. Enjoy your updated version of FL Studio.

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