Make an Epic Trance Pad in Sytrus

Sytrus is one of my favorite native FL Studio plugins. It is a very versatile FM (frequency modulation), additive, and subtractive synthesizer. It’s great for everything from gritty basslines to plucks and stabs. You can even do percussion synthesis with Sytrus. This Sytrus tutorial will focus solely on designing an epic trance pad. Lets get started!

Step 1: Setting Up a Default Sytrus Channel

Add a Sytrus channel to the channel rack and select the default preset from the list of presets.

  1. Bring the Channel rack to the front of your screen.
  2. Click the white plus at the bottom left of your Channel rack.
  3. Find and click Sytrus from the list of plugins. FL Studio will add a Sytrus channel to your Channel rack and open a new window showing the Sytrus interface.
  4. At the top right of your Sytrus window, you will see the word “Presets” along with two arrows. Click on “Presets”.
  5. A large list of presets will open. Find and click the “Default” preset.

Your screen should look something like this:

sytrus default patch

Step 2: Setting Timbre and Detuning the Oscillators

  1. Set the timbre of OP 1, OP 2, and OP 3 to a saw waveshape. Do this by moving the slider labeled SH for shape up until it snaps to the halfway mark. Make sure CENTER and DECLICK are checked while you’re on each tab.sytrus operator 1 shape
  2. Set OP 1 frequency ratio to 0.4950x, OP 2 frequency ratio to 1.0000x and OP 3 frequency ratio to 2.0050x. This is called detuning since we are not using exact harmonic multiples for each oscillator. It gives the synth a more interesting sound.

Step 3: Adding FX

  1. In the FX tab, reduce chorus order ORD to 1. Leave the other sliders under chorus at their defaults.
  2. In the FX tab, you’ll also see four other sub tabs labeled D1, D2, D3, and R. These are for adding delay and reverb. Click R, make sure the ON and TEMPO buttons are checked, set COLOR to W+ and set your reverb sliders to match the picture below.fx tab

Step 4: Adding Unison

  1. On the MAIN tab, we can see a section named “UNISON”. Check the OSC button and change unison order to 9.
  2. Slide PN, VL, SB, and PH all the way up, slide EN all the way down, and slide PT to 80% as shown.unison tab

Step 5: Sytrus FM Matrix Settings

The last step is to let the sound out, so to speak. Under the MAIN tab and to the right, turn the knobs in the FM matrix at the intersections of the FX column and rows 1, 2 and 3 all the way to the right as shown. FM matrix

You’re all done! You now have a pretty nice trance pad synth to add to your FL Studio arsenal. This will sound great using broken chords in the Piano roll. It should sound like this:

Sound familiar? This is the PD Power Saw preset you downloaded when you signed up for the mailing list! Anyway, hope you learned something and thanks for reading. Catch you next time.

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